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Professional Website Design

In today's business world your website is the primary introduction to your products, services and your organizations information. Your web presence represents your business and is the first impression your customers have of your company. First impressions are the only impressions that count. When branding a company it is imperative that the consumer associates the company with the highest of standards, trust, and a pleasant experience. EB Web Designs sets the Highest standards in design, functionality, usability, and getting exposure. EB Web Designs can deliver a professional website or web application that meets everyone's needs, while leaving the sense that you care about your business and your users.

EB Web Designs delivers a browser compatible, functional, aesthetically pleasing website that will give you and your company the competitive edge required in today's business world, making your products, services and information informative and readily available. Your website is a direct reflection of you, your company, your products, services and company information that contributes directly to your brand and corporate image. Going with a web firm that stays on top of the technology, understands and can deliver is very important in this ever changing business environment.

EB Web Designs can help harness the power of the internet giving our clients the advantages needed to succeed and deliver their message using this powerful business tool on a large scale that no other marketing platform can.

EB Web Designs strategy will provide results that can and will...

Establish Corporate Identities And Branding
Communicate Your Message To The Masses
Increase Revenue And Return On Your Investment
Expand Your Marketing Plan
Promote Your Goods, Services and Information
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you're not getting found it's time to rethink your web campaign. This starts right at the foundation of your business, your website!!! There is no silver bullet, it takes many aspects to get the desired search results. Every element in a website or web application should be optimized to be found by all major Search Engines.

EB Web Designs has the knowledge to retrieve hard data to what and where (local and global scope) is being searched and found on the internet, what to apply this to and how to implement through all content including copy, graphics, tags, links, clean code, networking and yes even flash. Our knowledge expands beyond just the website but also to other web media such as social networking, directories, ad posting, web advertisements, and so much more.

Graphic Development

EB Web Designs considers Graphic Development a key element in the success of any web or print marketing campaign. EB Web Designs uses graphics to add to a pleasant and memorable experience while branding, emphasizing and enhancing key pieces of your message with a professional look and feel for your target audience.

Browser Compatibility

If your website is falling apart or behaving differently from browser to browser you have a problem and this is a direct reflection of you and your company. EB Web Designs tests in all modern major browser platforms and goes back several versions to make sure web users get the same experience. Not all web browser platforms are compatible with programming, animation, mobile devices, graphic layouts and design. They can all display and behave differently from browser to browser. Through knowledge, experience and our education EB Web Designs can utilize programming to deal with many of these challenges. Out of the box our applications are tested to display and function in all the major modern browsers but we have the know how to program for older browsers and platforms, ensuring a pleasant experience for all users.

Dynamic Programming

EB Web Designs offers and implements custom dynamic programming to enhance, deal will with browser issues, for navigation, form validation, and many other subtle improvements to all our websites and web applications.

Value added client side dynamic programming can add many features to a web site that can make it stand out from the rest of the pack adding to your brand and corporate identity.

Server Side dynamic programming can be applied to database development, using sessions for user customization through the whole web application giving your web users a much more personal feel and comfortable web experience.

Flash Animation

Flash is a robust rich-client application that can be applied to a website to enhance the users experience but should be used with caution and not used as your complete website.

Where EB Web Designs can use Flash to enhance your website and web applications.

Slideshows - Subtle slideshow with nice transitions to catch the users eye.
Photo Gallery's - Display your products and portfolio.s
Animation Banners - Catch the attention of potential customers.
Dynamic Navigation - Add a little flair to your navigation
And Much More - Subtle Animation through your web apps.

Use with caution:
There are many reasons to add flash to your website but just as many reasons not to use it in your website. Search Engine Optimization is affected by flash and can hurt your page ranking, if it is distracting it can take away from the main message of your website, not all browsing platforms support flash, performance can be an issue with some browsing platforms, not all users like animation...

Copy Content

No one knows your business better than you. Copy is everything. EB Web Designs does offer a copy writing service to our clients, but most clients supply the copy for their project. EB Web Designs crafts the copy into user and search engine friendly content.