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Web Design News More Information About The Google Panda Refresh
More Information About The Google Panda Refresh PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 12 August 2015 20:08

More Information About The Google Panda Refresh

Google stated its last Panda global refresh would take months rather then of day.

Because of technical issues it has been rolled out more slowly to prevent confusion for SEOs & webmasters. Google reportedly said the goal is to move its infrastructure towards, a more continuous altering and on-going rolling out of the Panda Refresh, and incorporating it into the core ranking algorithms, clarifying that it could still be a quite a while before this really is the case.

They also stated to SEL that the Panda Refresh may hit different ways, different times & different pages throughout a site despite it being all out action, this could affect some pages being hurt more than others.

In the end, you will not know if you’re website or websites are being affected for sure until roll-out has completed. We’re taking for granted Google will let webmasters know when it completes. I’m sure the public will hassle them until they do.

It was also declared to SEL that the Panda guidance given back in 2011, the list of 23 questions to review the quality of your website is still relevant today.

Webmasters will not feel much better about their situation if they have already been impacted by the any of the Panda roll outs and trying to recover & not seeing results from any of previous Panda Roll Outs. However, there have been reports of s recovery from previous roll outs.

It will not really be known what types of sites are being affected the most or benefits out of this refresh. That will have to be gauged after it has completed.